Shards of War Sentinel Tier List 26.3.61337

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  1. Ok as noted on twitter and the forums I dont 100% agree with the choices. Not because they arent solid but because of what Ive seen working in game recently. Now this is also going to vary if its Solo or Premade.

    Premade –

    Tank – Rhino/Bulwark
    DPS – Blitz
    Support – Patches/Gemini
    Hybrid – Vox
    Jungle/Solo Push – Warhead

    Because of the communication the team will have in a premade going 1 tank 1 support I dont feel is the strongest option. Rhino for premade is the top tier tank for the additional damage he can put out and the solid cc when paired with Vox’s pull and Patches Ult. I prefer patches Shield to an actual heal because it is more survivability and can be done preemptively for an initiation with no wasted health. Vox her ultimate is more of a deterrence, you can come through it knowing you have a .8s silence but with the rest of the team comp that .8s maybe all thats needed for a team fight to get turned when paired with the 3s silence and burst of blitz and the stun and nuke of warhead.

    Solo Queue –

    Tank – Bulwark/Rhino
    DPS – Blitz
    Support – Flatline
    DPS – Zel/Gemini/Striker
    Jungle/Solo Push – Warhead/Vulcan

    Vox with out any communication is never a good choice. So this build is more geared for what youll see in solo and even this is pushing it because normally its 1 tank and 4 dps lol.

    Blitz is too good not to take in any game mode, solo or premade. Bulwark works better in solo because he isnt as reliant on calling out a focus as Rhino. Flatline for his lane control with his aoe damage and heals to his teams is great in pugs. Zel, Gemini and Striker because of their Burst and the survivability of Gemini are too good not to have. Pusher really depends more on the focus of that player if he is going to push more Id go vulcan for the serious output with the build he can pull off. If jungle focus then Warhead all the way, much more useful in team fights than vulcan but Vulcans sustained damage is probably the best in the game.

  2. Id3ntyD Id3ntyD says:

    Thank you very much for your feedback! It is highly appreciated 🙂

    i agree with you on the premade team list – however the list above is for solo queue and does not take into account which sentinels would be strongest in a certain lineup.

    Additional this list does NOT suggest (thanks for the feedback here, i added the missing statement about it to the post) certain lineups or team constellations – again i totally agree with you that two tanks in one team are currently very strong – if not even stronger then 1 support 1 tank team line up.

    Rhino: is placed a little bit more down the lane, because i have the impression that his gap closer range combined with the perfect timing of his stun (which is not that easy to achieve) is rather more easy escape able than from a Bullwark. Bastion is placed higher then him because he has the potential to easily push him back or slow him enough that he will have trouble to catch up with fleeing sentinels (due to his short range).

    Zel: Compared to the dps output of a Vulcan/Striker/Warhead she seems to fall off and appears weaker than those Sentinels (and is placed therefore lower). Her ultimate is powerful, but hard to aim (the way a player has vision).

    Gemini: Awesome Sentinel, but again in comparison with the dps output of other Sentinels she falls behind.

    Warhead (Jungle): Added him above Vulcan and put him on first place in tier 1 (swapped places of Rhino and Vulcan).

    Glad we agree in general haha 🙂


  3. What are your opinions on Cobra? He can bring a lot of utility and damage especially when paired with a Blitz.

    • Id3ntyD Id3ntyD says:

      He most definitely can (I main Cobra :D) – As awesome as he is as an assassin and high mobility character, the more he lacks in pushing power, killing towers and droids.
      This is very similar to how Blitz works and that can become a problem in a SoW game. After all the team will win who is able to push down the HQ (and not who has most kills). Both in the same team can work if they play well together and nuke one enemy Sentinel after another, both in the same team however means sacrificing on another end (support, tank, pushing power) and could hurt the team.

      I think one assassin is more than enough per team.

      You do run already into problems if you have only one of them in your lineup and the enemy team manages to get a lead.


  4. Id3ntyD Id3ntyD says:


    Than again Cobra is a freaking NINJA! 😀 (I simply love his kit, Blitz is for sure stronger then Cobra) The only advantage Cobra has, is the fact that he can jump over walls – This can be useful to snipe/steal droids, but that mechanic will be changed on Tuesday and his only advantage is therefore gone.

    However on the last stream it was mentioned that BP is aware of the current strength of Blitz and that they are looking already into it. I expect a Nerf of his silence – Let’s see what they will come up with.


    • I dont see the ability of hopping over a wall that strong and in need of a nerf. Most mobas thats a normal aspect of the game and is generally used for some sick ganks or some amazing jukes/escapes. Blitz’s silence if it was his ultimate doing it Id have no issue with it being that long but since its pretty spamable. Swap his ult and his silence and hed be pretty balanced. Solid chase and escape with space at that point and a nightmare when initiating with his ult if they were switched of course.

  5. Id3ntyD Id3ntyD says:

    Oh, i didn’t meant to say that his ability to jump over walls is so strong, it is just the only advantage he has over Blitz.

    I personally would lower his silence duration (maybe 1.5-2sec) and compensate this Nerf with a minor slow on top of the silence (15%?)

  6. Mena says:

    You should be happy : blitz has been nerfed.

    Immunity is only on principal attacks. Damage reduced, basic move speed reduced. It’s not a surprised to see blitz so fewer in competitive match.